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At Skiva, we have subject matter experts who work in the same field of the course. We ensure that trainers have the best “work field” background to be able to transfer knowledge to participants. In addition, instructors constantly keep up with the latest changing technologies. We make every effort needed to present to participants hands-on experience needed to solve problems encountered in real project situations. This practical and realistic awareness gives the participants the best environment to learn.
We also have expertise in designing client specific specialized training programs involving Interaction with the stakeholders in understanding project needs, design, implement training programs as per the stated methodology & in achieving identified end-objectives. Entire learning process is supported through engaging assignments & constant monitoring through regular assessments.
Skiva has the affordable, high quality, and comprehensive IT training that you have been looking for. We have trainings tailored to your needs if you are new to IT, working towards your next certification, or renewing your current certification. We at Skiva IT Consulting, are here to exceed your training expectations.Explore our training offerings, and discover a wealth of resources to help you make the most of your IT Career. We keep adding new training offerings and resources.

Development Services

.Net Development

It is undeniable that a strong and dynamic website announces your business to the world. Skiva is considered as one of the best IT consulting firms based in Sydney, Australia and our team of dedicated IT professionals makes us capable of developing scalable, reliable and robust websites that will announce your business loud and clear, just as we have for our many clients who are based at all four corners of the world.


Android App Development

Skiva is considered in professional circles as one of the highest reputed IT consulting firms for providing quality web and mobile development services capable of meeting all your specific IT needs. Our team of creative and dedicated IT professionals means we are extremely competent at developing innumerable software applications for creating highly successful, functional, and dynamic websites.


iPhone App Development

Skiva is considered to be one of the leading IT consulting firms based in Sydney, Australia. We can develop cutting-edge apps, with all the latest features, and with a top level of skill and efficiency delivered every time by our team of developers and technical experts. With us, you can develop an informative and alluring website which will result in bringing maximum profit to your business and an excellent ROI.


Java Development

Skiva is a leading IT consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia. Our team of dedicated developers and experienced IT professionals allows us to develop every kind of software application required for improving and max imising the functionality of both new and existing websites. Our sole aim is to help you grow your business, by developing an informative and dynamic website that produces effective and profitable conversion rates for website traffic.


Windows App Development

Being one of the fastest growing IT consulting firms based in Sydney, Australia, we are fully capable of developing a powerful website wholly appropriate and fully integrated with all your business models. We offer unsurpassed web and mobile application development services that meet all international standards, thus enabling us to continually expand our broad global client bank.


Wordpress Php Development

Skiva is one of the fastest growing companies in Sydney, Australia offering various web and mobile development services to our customers from all around the globe. We are also engaged in developing numerous applications including Windows apps, Android apps, iPhone or iPad apps and many other software applications for making websites more functional.


Testing Services

Automation Testing

Using test automation script is a cost benefit for some types of software testing, so choosing the most suitable testing framework costs is critical for maintaining reduced. These costs are those which are incurred for development and maintenance of the scripting and areas which are suitable for test automation are repetitive actions, or those which are difficult to do manually.


Functional Testing

Functional testing is a quality assurance type of review, also known as “black box” testing. The test cases reviewed are based on the exact specifications of the particular component that is being tested. The test process involves entering input and examining output. The programming structure is not typically considered, however functional testing describes what the system does.


Mobile App Testing

Mobile App testing consists of several of the same processes as other software testing. Application software which has been created, or enhanced for any portable devices, is checked to ensure that it is consistent in results, usable, and functions as it was intended to. Mobile applications may be factory installed or installed from a software distribution platform, while the growth of the number of mobile devices has been matched by the opportunities for new smartphone and other apps.


Performance Testing

Performance testing is normally the process of determining how the product or system performs when it is under a specific workload, so the stability and responsiveness of the performance is reviewed and quantified. Performance testing also checks, investigates, and measures the other aspects of the products, where attributes to be validated or verified include reliability, resource usage and scalability.


Security Testing

Security testing is the process of ensuring that defensive mechanisms are operating correctly. This is different to ensuring that software or systems are able to pass functionality tests. At Skiva, we recognize that ensuring security standards are met in software products is growing in importance. Using security tests is a way we determine that information and software systems protect your data and at the same time maintain functionality.


Test Management

We understand that crucial part of assuring software quality includes the procedures of testing and validating the software products. Test management is concerned with the organization and control of the process and tools required for every part of the test. At Skiva we know there is no doubt but that improved quality in software is important. Simple acceptance of flaws and faults is no longer the norm and we understand that those who use equipment incorporates software have the right to demand an improvement in quality.


Test Planning and Strategy

At Skiva we are acutely aware that the ultimate success for a testing project depends predominantly on the test planning and strategy design phase. During this phase, the general objectives and requirements are translated into detailed plans, methods, standards and creation of the testing kits, these being intended for the use of those conducting the testing itself.


Test Process Consulting

Software Testing course allows you to learn from the very core fundamentals to advance level testing course which is intended for anyone who is new to testing or have been in the testing and want to learn more in details.


Test Tool Acquisition

Your decision to use Skiva to create test tools has several advantages and benefits. The major reason for implementing tests is to improve the quality of the products and systems that are in play. However, the best software may have design flaws that would interfere with its acceptance by the general public, as a result of which our processes are designed to bring the necessary tests in to play, to identify the best tests to quantitatively describe, and to determine results for the process. You should note that test tool acquisition is also a part of the process.


UAT Testing

User acceptance testing is the process of assuring that the proposed solution works for the user group. This type of testing is not the same as system testing. If user acceptance testing is satisfactory, the user agrees that the software or system works. UAT also refer to the process as Beta testing. It is important that this type of testing process be done by the client in an environment that is as near to a real life scenario as possible. For your information, the user in the Beta test will prepare a summary of findings of the results and in the whole scheme of things, this process is one of the final elements of the testing program.


Consulting Services

In-House Training

One of the major elements of the Skiva mission is to provide the type of training that will allow students to become a functioning member of the IT world. The training is conducted by IT experts who either currently work in IT, or have previous expert level exposure in the IT industry. Training can be conducted in-house, at the Skiva Center, online, or at weekend training classes.


Mentoring Services

Skiva offers mentoring services under the general heading of consulting. For you and all our clients to gain the most from the consultation services, it is necessary for you to implement top-level commitment and outline clear goals. Our mentoring program can be focused on everyone in your firm, or on a single group of employees. The first step is to identify the primary objectives required to be achieved by your company. Identifying these objectives helps us to determine whether or not the results of our mentoring program have been 100% successful.


Staff Augmentation

Project outsourcing and staff augmentation have similar goals. Both types of development aim to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Staff augmentation is a method that can help both you and our existing clients complete IT projects within time and budget, as well as within specification. Developing the capability to complete such projects in-house can be expensive and risky. IT needs are constantly changing and expanding and falling behind in completing projects can be disastrous. Many projects can be completed successfully by utilizing the delivery model of IT staff augmentation.

  • Joining Skiva is one of the right things i did, at the right time. As i was looking to change my career from Application Support to Software Testing Industry and Just interacting with Skiva team members gave me the confidence and motivation as a stepping stone to the industry. Motivation is the key word for Skiva team, they are so informative and are experienced. I would recommend freshers who are looking for a career in the IT industry to join Skiva and gain practical and theoretical knowledge which will help you get a job. Thank you Skiva Team for supporting me always.


    Preethi Peram, Application Support Analyst, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • I think this session was right choice for me. Every beginner can study about definitions from some books, but having real-world knowledge and using it in practice that what makes us impeccable. In my situation, I have been reading several books; taking you tube online training however did not acquire much practical knowledge. The training provided both substantial and in-depth understanding along with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. I will most certainly recommend this course to everyone who is interested in learning SQL for Testing purposes.

    Anurag Tripathi, Capital Finance
  • It is certainly pleasant to express my gratitude to SKIVA for providing me the right guidance which assisted me immensely in my profession. Even after being an IT graduate, I had a perception that .Net is something I can’t outshine in. I joined many trainings but couldn’t gain enough knowledge to overcome my cerebral block. However training at SKIVA provided me with a new insight on my capabilities and helped me learn from the basics. With Skiva’s help I developed the right skills with required knowledge and it led me to be an expert in .Net. Skiva trainer have great understanding over the subject, which helped me to fill my knowledge gaps.

    Samuel Johnson,
  • Thank you Skiva for providing me valuable guidance and training on Java. This has made a remarkable influence on my profession in terms of knowledge, confidence and attitude. Skiva instructors have outstanding technical skills and are very practical in their way of delivering these expertise among blend of people from diverse professional background. I have undoubtedly gained invaluable knowledge under your guidance. My success credit belongs to Skiva and its trainers.

    Varun Patel, Java Course Attendee
  • When I joined this course, I had basic understanding of VB Scripting, although after 8 hours of training I have excellent understating of VB Scripting. Now, I have better understanding of variables and data types and where to apply conditions and functions and that is what I call “real” training, Thank you Skiva your training did made a huge difference in my life, I feel extremely confident now.

    Anurag Tripathi , Capital Finance
  • LetsNurture has been partnered with Skiva in past many projects, and it has been a pleasant experience partnering with them. We are a 5 year old IT services organization and Skiva has been an integrated part of our development process providing unparalleled testing services to ensure bug-free applications for all our esteemed clients.Their clarity of understanding and flexibility has been thoroughly impressive and we are sure this partnership will continue for the foreseeable future.

    Hitendra, CTO, Letsnurture Ltd
  • Infix Softech is a startup and Skiva has been working with us as our Testing Partner. They’ve helped us set up our automation testing framework with Selenium. They also helped us choose the open source tools for Test and Bug management on top of automation tools Selenium. They’ve been very flexible and aware of our expectations and requirement right from the beginning to provide us with the cost-effective implementation of the different products. We are really delighted working with Skiva and its friendly yet professional committed staff and would be happy to work with them again for upcoming projects.

    Nigam P. CEO, Inflix Softech
  • Thank you for providing training in such a great and practical way. I have learned a whole lot of new ways of testing.

    Hari Vadagama, Support Engineer, Dell
  • Thank you so much the Skiva IT consulting for providing the training and practice at the highest level.
    The company employs professionals who are keen on their work and do their best to help all the students.
    Education is provided for people with different background in an accessible way.
    Thanks again for a great experience and new knowledge in Testing and Quality Assurance.

    Oksana Bilous, Software Test Analyst, Suncorp Group
  • Joining Skiva was the best thing I ever did. Skiva has helped me in understanding the basics of Testing and getting my career started off to a new level. Software testing course on a whole gave me a basic understanding of the concepts of testing along with assignments that helped in applying the concepts. A lot of training material is provided which helps in passing ISTQB in the first go. Anit and his team are always on their toes to help out in every way you ask for. Thank you Skiva for the wonderful training that helps me a lot at my job!!!

    Patricia Dsouza, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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Skiva has numerous courses to offer to accommodate to the needs & requirements of new comers in software testing and also for experienced professionals looking to enhance/ start their career in software testing in Australia. If you have the motivation, we have the trainers, knowledge and experience to help you build your career in Software Testing.

Location : Skiva Office – Suite 9.02, Level 9, 175 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000
Time : 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Aug 22
Software testing workshop

Today Software Testing forms the integral part of any application creation or production. Testing involves challenges that directly impacts the quality of the outcome and its one of the critical phase of any project. If you are one among those who is looking forward to enter into IT Company on a winning note then here is the way to go.

Location : Skiva Office – Suite 9.02, Level 9, 175 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000
Time : 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

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