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Skiva offers an effective combination of quality assurance services, development services, the best practices in outsourcing and a wide range of knowledge and skills. We provide services to enable process improvement and productivity by providing superior IT solutions – and we achieve this goal by combining industry-experienced consultants with innovative technologies and agile techniques.Our consultants combine deep functional and industry expertise with client understanding, and a focus on business, not technology. With an agile development approach and iterative delivery, we ensure you get what you want faster, with no unnecessary project management overheads.

Software Testing Services

At Skiva we have the personnel, tools and knowledge to help you, our client, perform a wide range of software testing services. The purpose of testing is to reduce project risk, to ensure you achieve the fastest possible return on investment, and our clients range in size from small organizations to large global entities. Both manual testing and automation testing is available, while we also assist in setting up testing processes for future use.

Test Management

Test management relates to how tests are actually conducted. Without adequate and focused testing of software, the results cannot be accepted as an indication of how the software will perform in the real world. At Skiva we work thoroughly and effectively to ensure that results obtained are representative of both the objectives and the quality of the response.

Test Planning and Strategy

The final success of any project for testing is determined by the test planning and strategy development phase. Broad requirements are transformed into plans, processes, standards and preparation of the complete testing kits to be used by the testing personnel during the actual project. Careful planning is the keystone for obtaining results that can be successfully utilized.

Performance Testing

The initial question to be answered during the testing process is “Does the product perform as it was expected to?” The software must operate correctly under the conditions which represent a normal operating arena. It is our job at Skiva to identify weaknesses or failures in the performance testing phase so any issues that are identified can be efficiently corrected before full implementation.

Functional Testing

The question that is asked in this area of the testing process is “Does the product perform the function that was intended?” Functional testing covers an external system behavior where we help to establish what the expected result should be and design the tests to discover whether the objective has been successfully achieved.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

In order to be successful, software must be accepted by those who will be using it. Designing tests that will determine whether users will feel comfortable with the product may be part creativity and part market testing. Test group feedback can help with this part of the process and user acceptance testing must be carried out with a representative group of users.

Security Testing

Security is a growing issue in the marketplace. A determination of safety in utilizing the product is the purpose of security testing, so when using software products, relevant information should reach only the defined location, and only be used by the identified user(s). Identification of the user group and describing how information will be handled is the goal of security testing.

Mobile App Testing

For mobile app testing, at Skiva we recognize that all of the testing standards for other software types must be met or exceeded. In addition, we know the application must work on the designated platform. We understand that limitations in size and physical design may affect whether the app works as expected, and aspects such as perceived need and simplicity must be part of the testing process.

Test Automation

Some types of testing can be automated so that separate software, which is specifically written to test all or parts of the system, can be reviewed. The results of the test automation are then compared with the predicted outcomes and variances reviewed by the testers. With automated tests we can successfully accomplish many of the repetitive tests or those that would be hard to perform manually.

Test Process Consulting

Skiva offers the professional oversight and management to assist our many clients’ firms with designing and implementing formal testing procedures. We have the knowledge and experience to identify methods that result in a reliable assessment, and we are happy to also teach our clients how to design and implement tests for future development.

Test Tool Acquisition

Identifying how to accomplish meaningful tests on products may rely on test tool acquisition. Testing kits must address the type of results that should be expected, as well as how to obtain those results. Many of these tools are available in software programs and packages and, at Skiva, implementing the most effective tools is a part of what we do.

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