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Skiva offers an effective combination of quality assurance services, development services, the best practices in outsourcing and a wide range of knowledge and skills. We provide services to enable process improvement and productivity by providing superior IT solutions – and we achieve this goal by combining industry-experienced consultants with innovative technologies and agile techniques.Our consultants combine deep functional and industry expertise with client understanding, and a focus on business, not technology. With an agile development approach and iterative delivery, we ensure you get what you want faster, with no unnecessary project management overheads.

Using test automation script is a cost benefit for some types of software testing, so choosing the most suitable testing framework costs is critical for maintaining reduced. These costs are those which are incurred for development and maintenance of the scripting and areas which are suitable for test automation are repetitive actions, or those which are difficult to do manually.

At Skiva we have established that choosing the most appropriate automation formats will depend upon the type of product, the objective for the software and the extent of testing which must be replicated in order for the test requirements to be satisfied. Setting up the portions of the test which can be automated is a part of our planning and strategy plans which should precede the start of the actual testing process.

The process of pre-planning involves creating a format for the testing expectations, while identifying how the application which is to be tested will be linked to the testing mode is another important step. The actual execution of the test will collect the necessary data. The final step is to put the results into a reporting format so that the data can be massaged.

Types of automation format scripting vary and some of the most common types that are in place today include a linear mode. Linear script works in a similar way to recording and playing back the relevant stream of data. Structured automation code uses condition statements to direct a copy of results to flow to an alternate location. Data-driven data is collected in a spreadsheet, database or other format and a keyword driven script looks for specific terms to capture relevant information.

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