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Skiva offers an effective combination of quality assurance services, development services, the best practices in outsourcing and a wide range of knowledge and skills. We provide services to enable process improvement and productivity by providing superior IT solutions – and we achieve this goal by combining industry-experienced consultants with innovative technologies and agile techniques.Our consultants combine deep functional and industry expertise with client understanding, and a focus on business, not technology. With an agile development approach and iterative delivery, we ensure you get what you want faster, with no unnecessary project management overheads.

Mobile App testing consists of several of the same processes as other software testing. Application software which has been created, or enhanced for any portable devices, is checked to ensure that it is consistent in results, usable, and functions as it was intended to. Mobile applications may be factory installed or installed from a software distribution platform, while the growth of the number of mobile devices has been matched by the opportunities for new smartphone and other apps.

Our Skiva professionals have the skills and tools to assist clients with testing of mobile apps for many platforms in the market today. We are able to design the tests and carry them out efficiently, while by using these services we can provide help to assure you that that your software won’t hit the market until it satisfies every quality standards you set.

Functional testing, carried out by user interface, assures that the application operates according to the stated objectives. Laboratory testing is done where the complete wireless network is simulated, while performance testing is completing to check both the server side and the client side.

Memory leakage occurs when there is poor management of allocated memory. The software is tested to determine what happens when the operation of the device is temporarily interrupted. The software should be able to return to correct operation following the interruption. The software usability testing verifies that the users’ favorable rating is satisfactory. The testing process includes looking at whether the application can be installed, updated, or uninstalled from a platform without issues and certification testing ensures that the application is certified as compliant by the appropriate mobile platform.

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