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Skiva offers an effective combination of quality assurance services, development services, the best practices in outsourcing and a wide range of knowledge and skills. We provide services to enable process improvement and productivity by providing superior IT solutions – and we achieve this goal by combining industry-experienced consultants with innovative technologies and agile techniques.Our consultants combine deep functional and industry expertise with client understanding, and a focus on business, not technology. With an agile development approach and iterative delivery, we ensure you get what you want faster, with no unnecessary project management overheads.

We understand that crucial part of assuring software quality includes the procedures of testing and validating the software products. Test management is concerned with the organization and control of the process and tools required for every part of the test. At Skiva we know there is no doubt but that improved quality in software is important. Simple acceptance of flaws and faults is no longer the norm and we understand that those who use equipment incorporates software have the right to demand an improvement in quality.

The tools which are needed for test management procedures are varied. They might include paper and a pen, word processors or spreadsheets, however more sophisticated testing efforts can require implementation of software designed with the sole purpose of providing test management solutions. At Skiva the software for such tests is usually constructed around the format of databases or spreadsheets, while there are also some highly sophisticated test management applications as well.

The purpose of overall management is to allow for planning, developing, executing and monitoring the activities within the system or software development process. Our test management role includes effective and efficient coordination of efforts of the team involved in the testing. Identifying relationships among the components of the tests and tracking the definition, measurement and quantifying quality goals are necessary in order to validate every result.

At Skiva, we offer the knowledge and experience to identify the best methods of testing software, processes, or systems. We want you to simply deal with the results of the tests, rather than the process itself, as that is our job. Our consultants will identify areas where testing can and should occur and help to set up and implement the tests and so take all the guesswork out of the equation for you.

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