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Skiva offers an effective combination of quality assurance services, development services, the best practices in outsourcing and a wide range of knowledge and skills. We provide services to enable process improvement and productivity by providing superior IT solutions – and we achieve this goal by combining industry-experienced consultants with innovative technologies and agile techniques.Our consultants combine deep functional and industry expertise with client understanding, and a focus on business, not technology. With an agile development approach and iterative delivery, we ensure you get what you want faster, with no unnecessary project management overheads.

Training Options

One of the major elements of the Skiva mission is to provide the type of training that will allow students to become a functioning member of the IT world. The training is conducted by IT experts who either currently work in IT, or have previous expert level exposure in the IT industry. Training can be conducted in-house, at the Skiva Center, online, or at weekend training classes.

In-house Training

In-house trainings are specialized and client-specific programs which take place at the client location. The ability to bring our experts into the workplace and interact with stakeholders allows for a more thorough understanding of the environment in which students will work. Defining the needs of the specific project, designing the scope of the training and implementing effective programs which match the design is facilitated when the experts cooperate in achieving the identified objectives. The entire process is designed to bring out the objectives created during the design phase of the training. Our Instructors are skilled at preparing engaging assignments and monitoring students in a way that ensures that the objectives are being met.

Skiva Center Training

The Skiva training team can hold training classes for clients in our facility when the training course warrants it. Facilities available to clients are set up to facilitate presentation of the materials in a comfortable and focused environment and the necessary instructional tools are made available to the clients who want to come to the Center. We work closely with clients to ensure we offer the exact training topics that are deemed necessary at a time that will work best with clients’ schedules. Clients can check with our training staff online to identify locations, times and dates for the offered training.

Online Training

For many of our students, work or study schedules make it difficult to attend formal classes. For these learners, some of the courses can be completed online. The instructors are dedicated to making the learning experience a positive one for each of the students. Instructors strive to be available to answer students’ questions and ensure that the presented material is understood. In every instance, the goal is to present course materials so that the student is able to utilize knowledge in the world of IT. Students can log into the classes and study at their own pace followed by a regular assessments which ensures that relevant topics are being adequately covered.

Weekend Training

Sometimes work schedules or other activities make attending Skiva training during the week impossible. For those students, there are helpful and informative weekend training classes offered. Instructors are available who can facilitate the lectures, homework presentations and assessments of a student’s progress. As with other training courses, the instructors are experts in the IT industry and understand what it means to work in an IT environment. The instructors are able to bring experience with them into the classroom so that real-life questions can be addressed with helpful and informative responses. Training sessions are intended to bridge the gap between theory and the practical application of knowledge.

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