Learn to master Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver

Testers who want to learn most emerging, widely used, easy to learn and recognized test tool then this is the best-suited most intensive course for them.This training course will provide all the practical sessions and lessons from a record and run to real world execution so that they can confidently create and implement a brand new Test Automation Framework by themselves.

Course Introduction

Automation Testing Intensive (ATI) is an Selenium Automation Training which will allow candidates to understand how test automation is done in a proper structured manner so that candidates are able to create and manage the selenium automation scripts from scratch and be confident building test cases based on a solid framework.

Further, this course provides a comprehensive understanding and knowledge required to work with Selenium Web driver as an automated functional testing tool for different environments and also takes your automation skills to the next level by learning to use Selenium along with Java. This course addresses topics such as Selenium Ecosystem, TestNG usage with Selenium, developing scripts with Selenium Web Driver and JAVA, enhancing the scripts, Selenium commands, and understanding of how different frameworks work and how to build a brand new framework by yourself confidently.

Course Objectives

  • Understand Test Automation – what, why, when and how
  • Understand Selenium in detail to pick up any web based application to automate
  • Understand TestNG basics and integrating with with Selenium
  • Understand basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Various Locator Techniques
  • Custom Locators using CSS and XPATH
  • Generate TestNG reports
  • Taking screenshots programmatically
  • Create data driven test cases reading from test data excels
  • Have practical working knowledge of Selenium Webdriver API
  • Have complete understanding of Selenium Ecosystem & Web Locators

Course Audience

  • Anyone who wants to kickstart the journey of test automation using Selenium
  • Manual Testers who want to start their career in Automation Testing
  • QA & Test Professionals who want to start Automation Testing Career
  • Technical Test Analyst who are looking to upskill themselves
  • Developers as well as Test Leads & Managers who want to learn Test Automation
  • Anyone who wants to learn Selenium to make it a tangible hands-on skills

Course Roadmap

ATI Course Roadmap

Course Content

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Test Automation
  • Module 2 – Selenium up Environment & Tools
  • Module 3 – Creating Your First Selenium Project
  • Module 4 – Fundamentals of HTML
  • Module 5  – CSS & XPath Locators
  • Module 6 – Using Locators with Selenium
  • Module 7 – Handling Synchronisation
  • Module 8 – Handling Different Web Elements
  • Module 9 – OOP & Design Patterns
  • Module 10 – Learning TestNG Test Framework
  • Module 11 – Configurations, Logging & Reporting
  • Module 12 – Your Next Steps
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Course Benefits

  • Very Interactive Class Room Training – with Step by Step Guides/Instructions
  • Skilled Mentors – Highly Experienced  Mentors to facilitate the training
  • Deep Learning Experience – To understand any concept, we provide:
    • Multiple Solved Examples for each concept for crystal clear understanding
    • Hands on exercises in class from Installations to Problems Solving
    • Assignments for practice with solutions for comparing results
    • Objective type Practice Tests with solutions in every session
  • Working Projects – Develop a working project at the end of the course
  • Free Re-entry to the class for next 6 months allowing you to refresh everything
  • Lifelong Access to the training material for the course
  • Skiva Community – You become part of growing Skiva community where you can get answers to your queries, problems and roadblocks by other alumni students

Pre-Requisites and Expectations from Trainees

  • Commitment to learn with an open mind
  • Practice problems & perform all exercises provided in the course
  • Work with other students in the team for the team project assignments
  • Manual Testing Experience/Knowledge OR Have completed Skiva’s (STI) Training
  • Advantageous to have completed Java Fundamentals Training (JFT) OR
  • Know the Fundamentals of Java


When I joined the ATI course, I am not aware of anything about Java but I had some programming knowledge. I have worked back in India but I had no local experience here in Sydney.  I also have a huge career break that was my worry. Skiva took the course from very basics to the advanced level which was very helpful and made it possible for me to pick it up.

The trainer is awesome at delivering the course content. The course went very organised, informative and practical to understand and gain skill. All you need to start as an automation tester has been covered in the course. On top of that, I also received great in depth assistance for the interview preparation which varied based on different client and different requirements that help me with my preparation. This became the key and helped me secure my “Automation Tester” position in one of the biggest media company.“

– Kavitha, Test Automation Analyst

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Price AU $1500 + GST
Duration 4 Days
Maximum Seats 10 ( First Come First Serve Basis )
Location Skiva Solutions Pty Ltd
Sydney, CBD
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