Gain the job search skills & Interview Confidence

Course Introduction

Are you looking to boost your career with confidence you need so that you can apply for the jobs you have always been wanting? If you are looking for the next step in your career with a transformation strategy and campaign together with the collateral and the marketing material you need, then this course can completely change the whole game for you. This course will help you get an extremely successful career transition with courage and confidence along with the skills and practical understanding.

This course include intensive workshop where you are learning all the mental barriers you need to avoid and the game plan you should be creating. You will also be practically doing and updating all the necessary marketing collateral for your job applications with confidence by using world class material and resources this course provides to all its students.

Course Objectives

  • Clear the mental barriers that are holding you back to get the next job
  • Understand the Strategy and Game Plan for your dream job
  • Learn the complete end-to-end process of Recruitment for better visibility
  • Gain the insights of Job Search Process and bulletproof Job Search Strategies
  • Prepare your world class Resume and compelling Cover Letter that sells
  • Leverage the benefits of LinkedIn an Twitter to polish your Profile
  • Understand how to market yourself like a Pro to win people over
  • Get clear understanding of all types of interviews and interview questions
  • Learn the Etiquette of the interviews for Phone, Video & Fact-to-Face Interview
  • Get a clear picture on Do’s and Don’ts for the Interviews and use proven templates
  • Do hot seats and practice live in the sessions for interview to get instant feedback
  • Understand the process of negotiation and become a seasoned salary negotiator
  • Survive the first 90 days and beyond post starting the job and being successful
  • Strategies to lead people at your work and get promoted without waiting for years

Course Audience

  • IT Professionals looking to advance their career to the next level
  • Students looking to start their IT Career
  • IT Professional starting their career after the break
  • IT Graduates who had a long break before starting their IT Career
  • Non-IT professionals trying to get into the IT Jobs

Course Roadmap

CBI - Career Booster Intensive

Course Content

  • UNIT 1 – Your Game Plan & Career Strategy
    • Module 1 : Psychology, Mindset and Career Strategy
    • Module 2 : Recruitment and Job Search Process
    • Module 3 : The Job Search Strategy
  • UNIT 2 – Branding & Marketing
    • Module 4 : Personal Branding Like a Pro
    • Module 5 : Crafting Your Rockstar Resume & Cover Letter
    • Module 6 : Social Media & Online Presence
  • UNIT 3 – Networking & Interview 
    • Module 7 : Networking Like a Pro
    • Module 8 : Interview Like a Pro
    • Module 9 : Body Language Like a Pro
  • UNIT 4 – Salary Negotiation & Beyond
    • Module 10 : Negotiating Salary with Confidence
    • Module 11 : Managing Probation in Your First 90 Days
    • Module 12 : Getting Promotion & Beyond
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Pre-Requisites and Expectations from Trainees

  • A proactive mind to get into the job market & commit yourself to put best efforts
  • Pay attention to the Lectures & Practical Demonstrations
  • Practice at home and perform all exercises provided in the course
  • Laptop to install software or make registrations for tools (Optional)
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Price AU $1000 + GST
Duration 3 Days
Maximum Seats 15 ( First Come First Serve Basis )
Location Skiva Solutions Pty Ltd
Sydney, CBD
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