Learn to master Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver

Testers who want to learn most emerging, widely used, easy to learn and recognized test tool then this is the best-suited most intensive course for them.This training course will provide all the practical sessions and lessons from a record and run to real world execution so that they can confidently create and implement a brand new Test Automation Framework by themselves.

Course Introduction

Automation Testing Intensive (ATI) is an advanced Selenium Automation Training which will allow candidates to understand how test automation is done in a proper structured manner so that candidates are able to create and manage the selenium automation scripts from scratch and be confident building test cases based on a solid framework.

Further, this course provides a comprehensive understanding and knowledge required to work with Selenium Webdriver as an automated functional testing tool for different environments and also takes your automation skills to the next level by learning to use Selenium along with Java. This course addresses topics such as Selenium Ecosystem, TestNG usage with Selenium, developing scripts with Selenium Web Driver and JAVA, enhancing the scripts, Selenium commands, and understanding of how different frameworks work and how to build a brand new framework by yourself confidently.

Course Audience

  • QA & Test Professionals who want to start Automation Testing Career
  • QA Automation Professionals to intensify current Test Automation Skills
  • Fresh graduates who want to make a dream career in Test Engineering
  • Manual Software Testers who want to get job in Automation Testing
  • QA Team Leads and Managers wanting to advance their Automation Skills
  • Anyone who has theoretical knowledge who wants to gain Practical Skills
  • QTP Test Analysts wanting to learn Automation and master the skills
  • Freelancers wanting to gain Automation Skills to win more projects
  • Technical testers with background in programming wishing to learn
  • Developers wishing to focus on improving quality of code with Auto Tests

Course Objectives

  • Learn what is Test Automation and why and how to work on Test Automation
  • Practically able to install all the tools and software for Test Automation
  • Understand how WebDriver is used to prepare robust & reusable Test Cases
  • Gain detailed understanding of the Web Automation Framework
  • Be able to explain, design and implement Structured Automation Framework
  • Lead any Selenium Automation Project on their own
  • Have practical working knowledge of Selenium Webdriver API
  • Have complete understanding of Selenium Ecosystem & Web Locators
  • Learn continuous integration with JENKINS CI Tool
  • Learn build management with MAVEN
  • Learn Version Control System with Git – Github
  • Learn Database for Testers – Introduction
  • Learn Cloud for Testers – Introduction

Course Content

Unit 1: Test Automation Basics

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Test Automation
  • Module 2 – Selenium Webdriver – INstallation of Tools & Software
  • Module 3 – Automation Record & Run

Unit 2: Core Java

  • Module 4 – Core Java For Selenium Automation

Unit 3: Selenium WebDriver

  • Module 5  – Selenium Webdriver Basics
  • Module 6 – Selenium Webdriver Advanced
  • Module 7 – Understanding TestNG & JUnit
  • Module 8 – Page Object Pattern & Page Factory
  • Module 9 – Log4j Framework – log4j
  • Module 10 – Mastering Automation Frameworks (Data, Keyword & Hybrid)

Unit 4: Selenium Webdriver – Advanced Automation

  • Module 11 – MAVEN – Build Management Tool
  • Module 12 – Version Control with GIT – GitHub
  • Module 13 – Continuous Integration – with Jenkins CI Tool
  • Module 14 – Selenium Grid – (Cross Browser Testing)
  • Module 15 – Introduction to Cloud for Testers
  • Module 16 – Introduction to Database for Testers
  • Module 17 – Introduction to WebService Testing (Optional)

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Pre-Requisites and Expectations from Trainees

  • A good working understanding of Software Testing
  • Pay attention to the Lectures & Practical Demonstrations
  • Practice at home and perform all exercises provided in the course
  • Work with other students in the team for project assignments
  • Respect the time for each activity and stay on schedule
  • Commit to put your best effort with positive and can do attitude
  • Laptop to install software and to practice
Price AU $3000 (Inc GST)
Duration 6 Weeks
Maximum Seats 10 ( First Come First Serve Basis )
Location Skiva Solutions Pty Ltd
Suite 902, Level 9,
175 Castlereagh Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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